The Universe & Earth

The universe and earth are a written history.

Believe it.


Eternity is possible and has been done by some people.

Believe it.


You can change and evolve/ advance.

Believe it.


God is with us.

Just align yourself with God’s spirit.


Researching Mesopotamian religion. Abrahamic religions based on Mesopotamian myths.

While Mesopotamian religion had almost completely died out by approximately 400-500 CE after its indigenous adherents had largely become Assyrian Christians, it has still had an influence on the modern world, predominantly because many biblical stories that are today found in JudaismChristianityIslam and Mandaeism were possibly based upon earlier Mesopotamian myths, in particular that of the creation myth, the Garden of Eden, the flood myth, the Tower of Babel, figures such as Nimrod and Lilith and the Book of Esther. It has also inspired various contemporary neo-pagan groups.